It’s all a work in progress

Nothing you see here is set in stone; as I find additional information on any topic, I add it to the post, and if I get a significant amount of additional information I’ll post a little item mentioning the fact.  Thanks to all who have helped with adding to the knowledge pile after I’ve posted!

Also, if you mention something about this blog, or one of my posts, on your blog or web site, and I find out about it, I’ll be happy to add a link to your blog/site under “You might also like…” on the right side of the page.  Send me an e-mail if you want to let me know.  WordPress Blog Stats allows me to see what page people linked from to come to this site; that’s how I found the mention on Designated Sitter.  Anyway, I’ll be happy to add some quid to your quo, or whatever it was the Romans said.

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