Nice going, Eddie Bressoud…here’s an electric frying pan

The night in 1956 when Don Grate broke his own record for the longest throw of a baseball (as detailed here) was “Appreciation Night” for his team, the Minneapolis Millers, of the Class AAA American Association.  Each of the Millers was presented a gift, all of which were mentioned in the next morning’s Minneapolis Tribune.  And so a record can exist forever on the interwebs, here is what each man received (stats are BA-HR-RBI for players, W-L, ERA for pitchers):

Eddie Stanky (in his only season as a minor league manager):  $25 gift certificate at Liemandt’s from Tom Sawyer Meats; box of fishing plugs from Jack Riehl.

Dave Garcia (coach):  Box of cigars from Billy and Marty’s; gift certificate at Anthonie’s from Duffy’s Bar.

Ed Bressoud (.269-3-36):  Electric frying pan from Northern States Power Co.; $10 for laundry work from Falconer’s Laundry.

Ramon Monzant (0-1, 5.62):  $25 gift certificate at Anthonie’s from Ohleen Dairy.

Jim Constable (10-10, 3.66):  $20 from Swift Ice Cream; sport shirt from Bond’s Clothing.

Curt Barclay (15-11, 4.11):  Clock radio from Teamsters Union Joint Council.

Bill Taylor (.309-19-69):  $25 gift certificate at Corrie’s from Schweigert Meats.

Pete Burnside (5-9, 4.62):  Electric razor from Les Fitting’s Dollar Store; sport shirt from Lowe and Campbell Sporting Goods.

Willie Kirkland, Sept 1955

Vern Rapp (.302-11-32):  $25 check from Ewald Dairy.

Willie Kirkland (.293-37-120):  $25 from Minneapolis Police Department; cuff links and tie clasp from LeRoy Jewelry.

Bill Bradford (5-7, 5.17):  $10 check from Twin Cities Lines; $15 check from Gluek Brewing Co.

Don Grate (.316-4-36):  Slacks from Rothchild’s; walking shorts from Arthur Koritz Custom Tailors.

Dick Strahs (0-2, 9.00):  $15 check from Grain Belt Brewing Co.; socks from Florsheim’s Shoes.

Mel Held (6-3, 5.52):  $25 gift certificate from Cortland Jewelers.

Phil Paine (8-6, 3.49):  $15 gift certificate from Carr’s; slacks from Herman Gliem.

Al Corwin (6-8, 4.50):  $25 check from Zurah Temple; dozen golf balls from Abe Weisman.

Gail Harris (.270-24-82):  Pipe, tobacco and cleaners from Billy and Marty’s; rod and reel from Coast to Coast Stores.

Bob Stephenson (.238-3-31):  $20 gift certificate at Carr’s from Andrews Hotel.

Roger Bowman (2-2, 3.07 at Minneapolis):  Fishing rod from Jack Riehl; sleeping bag from Larson-Olson Sporting Goods.

Bob Lennon (.266-7-27, two years earlier he had hit 64 homers at Nashville):  $15 gift certificate at Hubert White’s from Nicollet Hotel; $15 gift certificate from Eklund’s department store.

Ozzie Virgil (.265-10-67):  Electric frying pan from Teamsters Local 792.

Wayne Terwilliger (.245-2-27):  Portable grill from Wes Johnson; dinner for four from Worwa’s restaurant.

Lee Tate (.255-3-25):  $20 gift certificate at Florsheim Shoes from Minneapolis Elks Club; sport shirt from Harold LaRue.

Gil Coan (.286-12-54):  $25 check from Minneapolis Fire Department.

Jake Jenkins (.278-5-50):  $25 check from Little Jack’s restaurant.

Tom McKenna (trainer):  $25 check from Laidlaw American Legion post; season pass from Alvin Theater.

Art Ruane (?):  Electric cup heater [I hope for a drinking cup!] from Crabtree Tobacco Co.; sport shirt from Corrie’s Sporting Goods; ice bucket from Len Freeman.

Rosy Ryan (general manager): $25 gift certificate at Anthonie’s from Fisher Nut Co.; two cartons of cigarets [sic] from Billy and Marty’s.

Chet Roan (Metropolitan Stadium manager):  Combination overnight case and brief case from Crane’s store on the University of Minnesota campus.

Dorothy Ahern (Ryan’s secretary):  Electric frying pan from Bill Beamish.

George Arneson (?):  slacks at Rothschild’s from Bill Boyer and Fremont Mitchell; evening for two from Murray’s.

Pat Smith (?):  Carving set from Washburn-McReavy mortuary [kind of a disturbing combination, no?].

George Brophy (Millers front office, succeeded Ryan as general manager):  Steam iron from Charles Appliance.

Marge Hoppe (?):  $10 gift certificate from Peterson Florists.

Dick Ericson (groundskeeper):  Camp cooler from S and M Co.; sport short from Bond’s; package sent out by admirer [inquiring minds want to know].

Paul Gebhart (?):  Two ties from Hubert White; automobile tissue dispenser from Warren Cadillac.

Tom Obinger and Mike Neitzel (Dave Mona tells me Obinger was a batboy, and Dave is an infallible source):  sport shirts from Brown’s and Juster’s.

Joe Duffy (stadium management):  Champagne from Snyder’s Liquor store.

All Millers:  Free car wash from Jiffy Car Wash in St. Louis Park.

By the way, $25 in 1956 was worth about $200 in today’s dollars.

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